André Kanayet


Every moment that has been captured by a camera it's a photograph, and a good photograph is something that's certainly subjective. It's the viewer whom gets touched, whom decides in which art-piece he'll spend his retinas, and his time watching a motionless moment. 

Why is it that when our time on earth is so limited, we decide to see moments frozen in time ? Shouldn't we rather be trying to live new moments? My answer to that is that what makes a photo transcend is that need we all have to tell stories, to remember a moment we want to share exactly how it was.

It's the ritual and the need of everyone to tell stories what makes an image moving, sometimes we do not know the words, nor we use them correctly to convey to someone how a glacier was cracking, or how a dog looked for the sun near a window in the morning  to take a nap.

Every time a picture is taken one "shoots" the shutter, that's why this discipline should be compared with hunting. The photographer hunts coincidences to document how a moment was exactly at a specific time. Ideally you'd want to find a moment when an interesting subject is doing something slightly more, or just as interesting than himself, it's even better if the scene has dramatic lighting. And everything can be better if it's also raining, the and solid materials mix with the liquid. On top of that, if you add to all these variants an elegant composition, we can say we've caught a beautiful coincidence, the kind we all long to live, tell, or have told to us. We understand that the more coincidences we get to live our lives will be more fantastic . Such experiences are the kind that make it worth living .